Okaz Auto credit

What are the eligibility criteria for Okaz Auto credit ?


You want to buy a used vehicle? Opt for the Okaz Auto Credit.

The credit eligibility criteria are as follows :

  • Be aged between 25 and 60 ;
  • Be employed by a company approved by Rawbank
  • Have a minimum salary of 700 USD
  • Have a work contract with a minimum of 1 year’s tenure

What are the characteristics of Okaz Auto credit?

Okaz Auto allows you to benefit from a credit :

  • A montant ranging from USD 4 000 to USD 30 000 ;
  • With an annual interest rate of 12% ;
  • For a period of up to 30 months (60 months with SUNRISE INTERNATIONAL, CFAO MOTORS RDC SA merchants)
  • With a monthly installment amount not exceeding 45% of the net monthly salary

It is a fixed term advance whose credit amount cannot exceed 6 months of net salary.

Okaz Auto credit merchants


  • CFAO MOTORS SARL : 4200, Poids Lourd road, Municipality of Gombe/Kinshasa
  • PKM SARL : 13, Colonel KITENGE road, C/Ngaliema
  • NEW TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING SARL : 614, avenue Baobab, Quartier Biashara dans la commune de Dilala/Kolwezi
  • SOCIETE TK LOGISTICS : 2720 avenue Changalele, Commune de Lubumbashi
  • BELLA BUSNESS AGENCY SARL : 06, avenue Nyangwe, Quartier Lido Golf, commune à Lubumbashi
  • ASELE IKAMBA ETS PASIK : 10073, Route Kipopo, Golf Terminus (En face de l?école Française/Deuxième entrée)
  • ETS JOHNSON : 01, avenue Kasenga dans la commune de Likasi ; 19/20 Avenue Lumumba, centre-ville dans la commune de Likasi/Likasi
  • ETS ABIGA: 3 avenue du Parc, Quartier Centre-ville dans la commune de Likasi.