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Easy Energy

Le crédit Easy Energy est un crédit à la consommation destiné à l’achat de kits solaires et autres solution d’énergie renouvelable auprès de nos marchands agréés.
Consumer credit
For a period of up to 24 months
Ranging from 150 USD to 10,000 USD

What are the eligibility criteria for Easy Energy Credit?


You want to buy solar kits and apply for bank credit for the purchase? Opt for the Easy Energy credit.

The eligibility criteria for the credit are as follows: 

  • Have a minimum salary of 60 USD
  • Be an employee of a Rawbank approved company;
  • Be aged between 25 and 60 years old
  • Have an employment contract with a minimum of one year of seniority

What are the characteristics of the Easy Energy credit?


Easy Energy allows you to benefit from a credit:

  • Ranging from 150 USD to 10,000 USD
  • With a monthly interest rate of 1.75% (USD) and 3.75% (CDF)
  • For a period of up to 24 months depending on the credit approval of the employer
  • Have a monthly payment amount not exceeding 45% of net monthly salary

It is a fixed term advance whose credit amount cannot exceed 4 months of net salary.

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