Visa CDF Card

The VISA CDF Card is a debit card linked to a current account in Congolese Franc (CDF), usable in DRC only through the Multipay network. It allows you to make cash withdrawals and payments in complete security.

Dorénavant, le plafond maximum de vos retraits a été revu à la hausse sur nos ATM en Francs Congolais. Pour plus de confort dans vos opérations bancaires, retirez jusqu?à 500.000 FC par transaction

What are the features of the Visa CDF Card ?


The characteristics of the VISA CDF Card are as follows :

  • Debit card ;
  • Usable in DRC only (network multipay)) ;
  • Annual fee: 15 USD (excluding VAT, at the exchange rate set by the bank)*
  • Validity of the card : 3 years.
  • It allows cash withdrawals at ATMs, payments and cash advances at electronic payment terminals (EPT).

What are the benefits of the VISA CDF Card?


The CDF VISA Card not only allows you to withdraw funds or make payments, it also gives access to a range of free services for its users, such as :

  • No fees for withdrawals from Rawbank ATMs
  • Balance inquiry at the Rawbank ATM
  • No payment fees on the Rawbank electronic payment terminal and the Multipay network.

What transactions can I carry out with the CDF VISA Card ?  


Here is the transaction limit for the CDF Visa card:

Transaction per day Limit transaction per day Transaction per week Limit transaction per week
ATM 5 1 000 000 50 2 000 000
POS terminal 15 1 500 000 45 2 500 000
POS terminal (Cash Advance) xx xx xx xx
POS terminal (Contactless) 10 100 USD 30 300



* Excludes value added tax