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Visa Academia Card

The Academia Card is a VISA contactless debit card linked to the Academia Young Person's Account. It can be used in the DRC and internationally, allowing you to withdraw funds and make payments in complete security.

What are the features of the Academia Visa Card ?


The features of the Academia card are as follows :

  • VISA Contactless debit card
  • Usable in the DRC and internationally ;
  • Annual fees : 15 USD (excluding VAT)*
  • Validity of the card : 3 years.

What are the benefits of the Academia Card ?


The Academia Card not only allows you to withdraw funds or make payments, it also provides access to a range of free services for its users, such as :

  • La demande de solde à l’ATM Rawbank ;
  • Pas de frais de retrait à l’ATM Rawbank ;
  • No payment fees on the Rawbank Eftpos terminal

What transactions can I perform with the Academia Visa card?


With the Academia Card, you can carry out the following transactions :

  • Retrait au distributeur automatique de billets (ATM) ;
  • Online payment on the electronic payment terminal (EPT) ;
  • Par Cash advance.

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Tarification de la carte


Nbr max / jour  Montant max / jour Nbr max / semaine Montant max / semaine
Retrait sur ATM 15 250 USD 50 500 USD
Paiement sur TPE 15 700 USD 45 1 500 USD
Paiement TPE Contactless 5 100 USD 30 300 USD
Paiement TPE Cash advance 3 150 USD 5 300 USD


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