Rawbank card

Find out about bank cards for legal entities


Visa Lady's First

The VISA LADY'S FIRST Card is an international debit card linked to the current account in USD, which allows Lady's First members to make cash withdrawals, payments, and cash advances in complete security. This card is used in the DRC and internationally through the Visa network.

  • It is linked to a current account
  • It can be used in the DRC and abroad (VISA networ)
  • Valid for 3 years

Maximus Titanium

Intended for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the Maximus Titanium Card allows you to meet occasional cash flow needs and make the necessary purchases for your company.

  • It does not require any provision
  • It is usable everywhere in the world
  • Provide access to a web portal for balance enquiries

China card

The China Card is an international prepaid card in RMB (Chinese currency), intended for private customers (Rawbank customer or not) and merchants (SMEs, and Rawbank customers).

  • It is used wherever the UPI logo is displayed.