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Schoolap Credit

The Schoolap Molakisi Credit is a consumer credit intended to finance the acquisition of a Schoolap Molakisi tablet, a necessary material for learning lessons for the students and an essential tool for the preparation of the lessons for the teachers - civil servants of the State - employees of RAWBANK approved companies.
Consumer credit
Montant allant de 150 USD à 1 500 USD
Term up to 13 months

Le Crédit Schoolap est un crédit à la consommation destiné à financer l’acquisition d’une tablette Schoolap Molakisi, matériel nécessaire à l’apprentissage des leçons
pour les élèves et outil essentiel à la préparation des cours pour les professeurs -fonctionnaires de l’Etat- salariés d’entreprises agréées RAWBANK.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Schoolap credit ?


Do you want to guarantee your children's education through learning? You have the choice, opt for the Schoolap credit.

The eligibility criteria for the credit are as follows: 

  • Have a minimum salary of 150 USD ;
  • Être agent d’une entreprise agréée par RAWBANK.
  • Be between the ages of 25 and 60 (61 to 65 years old for senior citizens);
  • Have a registration number (for public company employees);

What are the characteristics of the Schoolap credit?


This consumer credit allows you to benefit from a credit :

  • Allant de 150 USD à 1 500 USD ;
  • With a monthly interest rate of 3.25% in CDF and 2% in USD;
  • For a period of up to 13 months;
  • With a monthly payment amount not exceeding 45% of net monthly salary


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