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The story begins in 1922…

For four generations, the Rawji family has been investing in the DRC.

Aware of the potential of the country, which is centrally located in Africa and rich in human and economic resources, the members of the Rawji family have strengthened their presence to help the country develop its leading role at the heart of the world economy.

The Rawji Group's assets:

… 80 years later Rawbank was born.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the market and the needs of economic operators, the Rawji family decided to invest in the banking sector.

This is how Rawbank was born in 2002.

Its objective? To give its clients in DRC – companies and individuals – access to the most modern techniques, services, and products of the banking and financial sectors, hence the relevance of its slogan:  

"RAWBANK is my bank".

in total assets (2021)



market share of total deposits 

Key dates of RAWBANK

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Company mission

Building a great and strong Congo together’

 " To be a strong and innovative bank, providing unparalleled quality service, agile and with strong profitability ".

To achieve this vision, we have missions, which we must accomplish daily.

Our vision is the basis of our objectives:

  • To deliver innovative and quality service
  • Attract and retain competent employees
  • Attract and secure quality partners

Through this vision, we want to:

  • Share responsibility to achieve sustainable goals
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively
  • Involve each employee in the company's processes
  • Develop interdependence and team spirit, key factors of our success
  • Reinforce motivation and especially self-motivation

This vision sublimates our management and leadership practices.

It expresses Rawbank’s entrepreneurial culture.

Our strategy is founded on unwavering values that drive us forward. From ambition to meticulous execution, our dedication to our customers remains unparalleled. They are the cornerstone of our mission, propelling our daily advancements.

We are fueled by an enduring ambition, not only for our financial institution but also for our country, and above all, for our customers, who are the very reason for our existence. This ambition serves as the catalyst propelling us forward, fostering innovation and relentless collaboration.

Our work ethic translates into a culture of initiative, where every idea is valued, a continuous drive to innovate in response to evolving market needs, and seamless collaboration among our teams to achieve shared objectives.

These core values, deeply ingrained within our bank, guide every action we take and epitomize our commitment to excellence and perpetual growth.

  • Ambition : At RAWBANK, ambition represents our unwavering determination to achieve ambitious goals for ourselves, our customers, and our country. It is this relentless drive to aim higher, push boundaries, and pursue excellence that propels us forward every day.
  • Initiative : We encourage and value initiative at RAWBANK. We believe in proactively identifying and seizing opportunities, solving problems, and continuously enhancing our processes and services.
  • Collaboration We believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork at RAWBANK. We recognize that our success hinges on the strength of our team and our ability to work together efficiently and harmoniously. We foster an inclusive work environment where ideas are shared, skills are complementary, and everyone contributes to collective success.
  • Innovation : Innovation lies at the heart of our corporate culture at RAWBANK. We continually strive to push the boundaries of technology and creativity to offer our customers innovative products and services that cater to their evolving needs.
  • Performance Performance is a fundamental value at RAWBANK. We are committed to delivering outstanding results to our customers, shareholders, and stakeholders. We aim for operational excellence in everything we do, focusing on quality, efficiency, and innovation. We are determined to uphold high standards of financial performance, regulatory compliance, and social responsibility, continually striving to improve our performance and exceed expectations.

Rawbank is a gas pedal of inclusive growth. Our mission is to respond to several challenges that allow us to sustain this growth, which is virtuous for the company but also for the Congolese:

  1. Putting the customer at the center of all our decisions;
  2. To offer the greatest number of services adapted to their needs;
  3. Constantly innovate;

  4. Fully integrate digital technology into our development strategy;
  5. Focus on human capital through our employees.

Between now and 2025, our objectives will focus on five strategic areas that will guide all of our actions. It is therefore essential to understand them, to appropriate them and apply them.

The 5 strategic axes are summarized as follows :

Excel in customer service
  • Accompany our clients in the digital integration of all aspects of their financial activities.
  • Develop our businesses to improve the customer experience.
Optimize the operational model
  • Promote a meritocratic corporate culture oriented towards the search for simplicity and efficiency.
To be part of the long term
  • Preserve the solidity of the balance sheet through appropriate risk management.
  • Operating in the DRC in a sustainable and responsible..

Aligned with our 2022-2025 strategy, which aims to establish us as a robust, innovative bank with strong profitability and exemplary agility, we reaffirm the importance of our leaders adhering to and promoting the values of Speed, Respect, and Rigor - the pillars supporting our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

  • Speed Agility is crucial to realizing our innovative vision. By embracing the value of speed, our leaders cultivate a culture where responsiveness and efficiency are paramount to exceeding customer expectations and continuously adapting to a dynamic market. Speed also encompasses proactive digital adoption, accelerating our transformation and reinforcing our leadership position.


  • Respect : Placing the customer at the forefront of all our decisions is the foundation of our strategy. Respect entails active listening and an empathetic approach, ensuring that our services are accessible, appropriate, and, above all, value our customers and employees. By embodying respect, our leaders foster an inclusive environment where every individual initiative contributes to collective growth.


  • Rigor Rigor reflects our ambition to achieve performance and excellence in every aspect of our work. RAWBANK's leaders uphold the high standards of integrity and quality essential to innovation and continuous improvement. Through rigorous dedication, our leaders inspire staff to give their best, directly contributing to the achievement of our organizational goals and the development of our human capital.

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