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Avec votre carte Visa Lady's First, vos achats sont récompensés !

Le programme Lady's First

Avec le programme Lady's First, créez votre business et gérez mieux vos finances.

Avec votre carte Visa Lady's First, vos achats sont récompensés !


of the active population and are well represented in entrepreneurial activities.


of women are at the head of companies registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo


of household income in the Democratic Republic of Congo is generated by women 

RAWBANK innovates and takes up the challenge!

To remedy this problem, Rawbank is strengthening its leadership in terms of innovation and is expanding the scope of its partner activities with the World Bank by creating a development program for small and medium-sized Congolese companies. This initiative is supported by the International Finance Corporation.

IFC offers training for women in the Central African region through its WIN (Women in Business) program, which focuses on:

  • Collaboration with financial institutions to strengthen their capacity to provide products and services to female entrepreneurs
  • Improving the business climate, notably the elimination of barriers for women, better access to markets, and information to enable female entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of their businesses
  • Partnership, management and experience, and knowledge sharing
Rawbank is now one of the first banks to have succeeded in targeting and effectively reaching the market of female entrepreneurs. No other institution in the DRC had ever thought of exploring this promising niche!

Since 2010, Rawbank has set up a program for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Democratic Republic of Congo to encourage entrepreneurship and create a favorable business environment for women.

The Vision

Our major vision is to make Rawbank the preferred bank for Lady's First women in the development of their activities and projects, thus justifying its slogan

"Impossible is not feminine, so I am Lady's First".

The mission

Beyond this mission, Rawbank provides Lady's First women with financial products and services that meet their needs.

With several advantages, including:

  • Preferential pricing on banking transactions
  • A preferential interest rate on all financing dedicated to them
  • Price discounts at Lady's First partner merchants (Networking)
  • The possibility of making purchases at all merchants in the VISA network, both in DRC and abroad
  • The possibility of making secure purchases online
  • The right to participate in events organized by Rawbank

In 2021

Today, RAWBANK is setting up an annual competition to re-energize the LF program called " Lady's First Ambassador ". This challenge will consist of electing an ambassador who will embody the image of the program throughout the year, according to set objectives (number of sponsored persons, deposits/repayment of loans, development of buses, success in training sessions, etc.)

The objective of this competition? To give real visibility to women who are entrepreneurs and are able to encourage younger women to do the same, to become a Lady’s First.

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