Academia Account

The Academia Account is a hybrid account (current and savings) for young people between the ages of 13 and 25, available in US dollars (USD).

Academia, a youth account,
a free account

How to open an Academia Young Person's Account


In order to open a current account, the following requirements must be met : 

  1. Eligibility requirements: be between 18 and 24 years old

N.B. = From the moment the account holder reaches the age of 25, the account must be transformed into

       2.  Conditions for opening an account :  

  • Complete the account opening form + FATCA
  • Fill in acknowledgement of receipt RGO ;
  • Be in possession of a valid identity document (passport, ID card, driver license) ;
  • Present a birth certificate, if the young person is a minor ;
  • Bring two color passport photos ;
  • Also have two color passport photos for the representative, if the young person is a minor.

What are the benefits of the Academia Young Person's Account? ? 


To facilitate withdrawals, a VISA card is linked to this account. Other advantages are as follows :

  • Cartes et services digitaux : le tout dans un package à prix réduit (voir le pack Academia)
  • No account closing fees
  • Annual interest rate up to 4%.  

What operations can I carry out with the Academia Young Person’s Account? 


The Academia Young Person’s Account accepts the following banking transactions :

  • Deposit and withdrawal at the counter
  • Withdrawal and payment with card
  • Repatriation

Read the General Regulations of Operations.