Rawbank credit

Choose a Rawbank bank loan for legal entities


Lady's First credit

The Lady's First credit is a credit for women entrepreneurs to finance operating needs related to business activities.

Features :

  • An amount ranging from $10,000 to $500,000 ;
  • An annual interest rate of 10% recoverable monthly ;
  • For a period of up to 12 months ;

Dedouanement Credit

The customs clearance credit is a credit that facilitates the import of goods for SMEs by financing up to 100% of customs fees within 72 hours.

Features :

  • An amount up to $ 50,000 ;
  • With a monthly interest rate of 2.5% ;
  • Une durée allant jusqu’à 60 jours. 

E-Line credit

The e-Line loan is a cash flow loan intended for small and medium-sized customers, distributors of electric money, commonly called "Super dealers".

Features :

  • A fixed-term advance granted in the form of a revolving loan*;
  • An annual interest rate of 12% ;
  • A 12-month period.

Facturis credit

The Facturis credit, Rawbank allows you to anticipate your cash flow needs and reinforce your financial capacity within the framework of the contracts signed with your suppliers.

Features :

  • An advance not exceeding 80% of the amount ;
  • A line of credit renewable at maturity ;
  • A maximum duration of 60 days.