USD Fidelity Card

The USD Fidelity Card is a local withdrawal card linked to the USD Fidelity Savings Account, usable in the DRC only through the Multipay network

What are the features of the USD Fidélité card ?


What are the features of the USD Fidelity Card ? 

  • Withdrawal card in all ATMs of the Multipay network;
  • Annual fees : 20 USD (HTVA)* ;
  • No fee for balance inquiries
  • Validity of the card : 3 years.

What transactions can I perform with the Fidelity USD Card


Put at your disposal, this card allows you to withdraw funds in ATMs with the following transaction limits :

Transaction per day Limit transaction per day Nombre max / semaine Limit transaction per week
ATM Withdrawal 15 1 000 50 2 000


* Excludes value added tax