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USD Fidelity Card

The USD Fidelity Card is a local withdrawal card linked to the USD Fidelity Savings Account, usable in the DRC only through the Multipay network

What are the characteristics of the Fidelity USD Card?


What are the features of the USD Fidelity Card ? 

  • Withdrawal card in all ATMs of the Multipay network;
  • Annual fees : 20 USD (HTVA)* ;
  • No fee for balance inquiries
  • Validity of the card : 3 years.

What transactions can I perform with the Fidelity USD Card


Put at your disposal, this card allows you to withdraw funds in ATMs with the following transaction limits :

Nombre max / jour Montant max / jour Nombre max / semaine Montant max / sem.
Retrait au distributeur 15 1 000 50 2 000


* Excludes value added tax 

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