Term Deposit

With the term deposit you can earn more just by letting time take its course. You choose the amount and duration of your investments.

Earn more by giving it time 

All you have to do is invest your short-term cash surpluses in capital, without any risk and without any account fees, thus ensuring returns that are known in advance. The choice of the amount and duration of the investment is determined by you to fit your life.

What are the benefits of the Term Deposit Account?


Intended for the entire customer category, the term deposit offers :

  • an annual interest rate of :
    • 2.5% to 4.5% in USD (for 1 year),
    • 3% to 5% in USD (for 2 years),
    • 3,5% to 5,5% in USD (for 3 years),
  • savings in CDF at an exceptional rate of 20% a year
  • a minimum amount of USD 10,000 and CDF 1,000,000
  • no account closing fee but with a 2% penalty applied on interest in case of early closure.