Online services

Discover Rawbank online services for Corporate


RawbankOnline is an online service that allows you to manage your accounts from anywhere at any time.

Advantages :

  • Practical and customisable
  • Secure, reliable and confidential
  • Fast and efficient

Alert Banking

With ALERT BANKING, you receive alerts in real time, by e-mail or SMS, for each transaction on your account (debit or credit).

Advantages :

  • Motion alert ;
  • Copy of SWIFT Message
  • Daily account statements


SIOP allows you to manage and automate your transactions directly from your ERP, without any intervention from the bank.

Advantages : 

  • Save time:
  • Payment chain supply


Swift Light

Specially designed for large companies, Swift Light is a tool for managing all bank positions through a single SWIFT interface that facilitates cash management.

Advantages :

  • Direct communication with Rawbank ;
  • Cost reduction and streamlined management through a multi-bank and multi-country solution