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Annual Report 2020

The 2020 annual report is available, "Rawbank serving the Congo".

Building a great and strong Congo together

Building a great and strong Congo together

Covid-19: Health situation in DRC

Let's fight the pandemic together and stand together to create a better future.


About Rawbank

Pioneers and visionaries, the Rawji family members have surmounted the turmoil of the country's economic, social and political history. 


in total assets



market share of total deposits 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rawbank is involved in the life of the Congolese population at various levels.

Join us

Our Rawbank recruitment platform exclusively publishes our vacancies, for all professions and qualifications. We receive more and more applications every year. The major challenge in recruitment is not finding candidates but finding the right candidates. This site guarantees a fair recruitment process. You have the possibility to propose your application and to follow its progress.

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