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In 2021, nearly 64% of the country's population—just under 60 million people—lived on less than $2.15 a day. Rawbank's unique anchoring in Congo, with which its destiny is intertwined, involves a proactive participation in the social development of the country's population and in the fight against exclusion.

Rawbank regularly supports initiatives such as MUFFA, which enable parts of the population excluded from traditional financing circuits to receive support in realizing their projects. The bank’s regionalization strategy allows it to be at the heart of 19 provinces and to form local partnerships with the most suitable structures to eradicate poverty.

The Challenges

Ensure access for all to essential services

Encourage a model of shared and inclusive economic growth.

Provide support against significant economic risks.

Reduce the poverty threshold.

The Targets

Populations in extreme poverty.

Local organizations that support the most vulnerable.

Populations in isolated areas without access to essential services.

The Bank's Goals

Support and finance SMEs that create jobs.

Ensure the population against hazards that could push them into precarity.

Fund initiatives committed to enabling the population to access essential services.

Our commitment to health


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