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Moneygram International is a financial messenger whose main activity is to make money transfers on two scales :

Headquartered in Dallas, USA, Moneygram works with individuals, businesses and financial institution clients (" MoneyGram "Wikipedia) to be able to "exist" abroad and carry out its remittance business.

There are two methods of transferring funds : 

  1. Cash to cash
  2. Cash to account

Moneygram money services at Rawbank

Cash to cash

The service cash to cash is a money transfer system that involves sending or receiving money. 

In order to receive funds, the beneficiary must bring the reference code and his/her ID. valid (ID/voter's card, driver's license, passport, etc.)

Cash to account

Literally, the expression cash to account means deposit cash into an account. This system launched by Moneygram International on the remittance market, allows senders to deposit cash in the bank account of the beneficiary abroad when sending funds. 

From now on, it will be possible for ordinary customers to make transactions on their accounts abroad or on the accounts of third parties abroad. 

As for the bank's customers, they will be able to make transactions on their own accounts abroad from Moneygram outlets. 

Upon arrival of the funds, the beneficiary will receive a notification on their cell phone or by email depending on the arrangements made by their bank. Not required.

Nota: Eligible accounts for these transactions are individual accounts and joint accounts (current and savings accounts). Corporate accounts are not eligible and payments will be refused. 

Advantage of Cash to account

Moneygram Agent Rawbank

As part of the extension of its services as a partner of MoneyGram International, Rawbank is authorized to enroll Moneygram agents and it is within this framework that you will find various MoneyGram Rawbank points of sale throughout the country. 

By MoneyGram agent, we mean a merchant or any legal entity that has the appropriate framework to carry out money sending and/or withdrawal operations via the MoneyGram financial messaging system in complete security for the account of Rawbank. The future agent must be a Rawbank customer and sign a partnership contract with the bank.

Throughout the procedure, Rawbank accompanies its customers to support them in their efforts. 

For this purpose, free training sessions are specially organized for Moneygram agents before they start their new activity. 

Through these, they are made aware of the elements necessary for the proper functioning of the partnership. 

The trainings take place in two parts, namely: 

In addition, the bank supports the development of Moneygram agents through smooth communication with the Moneygram business manager and good customer service. In fact, we have a growing number of Moneygram agents who have several points of sale.

Become a Moneygram Rawbank Sub-Agent

Do you want to become a Moneygram sub-agent? Here are the components of the application:

  • A letter of request for partnership;
  • Financial statements of the company;
  • Notarized status, current RCCM, tax number, national identification number and business license.
  • A color copy of the ID of the persons holding 10% of the company's shares, the compliance officer and the data entry operator.
  • Extract from the criminal record of the managers and the Compliance Officer (last 3 months).
  • The signed and dated CV of the Manager, Compliance Officer and Seizure Operator.
  • Photos of the point of sale
  • The deposit of $5,000 per outlet.

List of Moneygram* agencies

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