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Rawbank is committed to empowering women and girls and ending all forms of discrimination and violence against them. This commitment is reflected internally by a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive behaviors and inequitable policies.

Rawbank has long been convinced of the importance of parity at all levels within the bank. That is why Rawbank actively promotes women to key positions and intends to continue its efforts in this direction.

Convinced that gender equality is a guarantee of success, the bank works daily with all its stakeholders to create an environment respectful of everyone.

The Challenges

Combat violence against women

Encourage women's access to leadership and decision-making roles

Reduce the salary disparity between women and men

Contribute to the economic empowerment of women and the emergence of Congolese female talent

The Targets

Female employees of the bank

Victims of gender-based violence

Young girls

Female entrepreneurs

Female students

The Bank's Goals

Guarantee internally the full and effective participation of women and their equal access to leadership roles at all decision-making levels

Improve access for female entrepreneurs to essential financial services through the Lady’s First program

Enable Congolese women to play a major role in the growth of the national economy

Raise awareness in the fight against discrimination, domestic violence, child marriage, and female genital mutilation

Our commitment to health


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