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Rawbank is firmly committed to promoting quality education for all. Rawbank is aware of the challenges surrounding access to primary, secondary, and university education for the greatest number of people. The bank believes that every investment in education is an investment in the future and development of the country. To play an active role in this area, Rawbank works closely with civil society organizations to promote quality education, improve school infrastructures, and train teachers.

The Challenges

Improve access to education and increase enrollment rates at all levels, particularly for girls

Ensure the protection of children and their cognitive and social development

Contribute to the education of Congolese men and women who will be effective agents of change for the sustainable development of the continent as envisioned by the African Union in its Agenda 2063

Improve school infrastructures and facilities

The Targets

Youth living in remote areas

Displaced youth

Young girls

The Bank's Goals

Finance the rehabilitation and construction of school facilities

Accelerate the digitization of education and access to training modules in partnership with SchoolAp

Provide students with better material learning conditions

Support young entrepreneurs in the DRC

Our commitment to health


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