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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, located in the Congo River basin which houses nearly 50% of the freshwater reserves of the African continent, the availability of potable water remains a major challenge, being accessible to only 59% of the national population, according to the latest report on the Sustainable Development Goals by the Ministry of Planning in the DRC.

Rawbank is actively engaged in promoting projects aimed at ensuring better access to potable water, encouraging high hygiene standards, and preserving water resources.

We have developed a potable water supply project for populations in rural areas affected by the absence or shortage of water across the country. This initiative is expected to span five years, with the goal of serving a maximum number of people. In 2022, 25 drillings were completed in 13 provinces, impacting the lives of over 50,000 households. The goal is to drill 100 wells by 2025 to serve 250,000 households.

Our determination is to play a key role in ensuring that future generations will benefit from a healthy environment and access to clean water.

The Challenges

Ensure access to quality potable water at an affordable cost

Ensure access to adequate sanitation facilities

Promote the rational use of water

Protect and restore water-related ecosystems

The Targets

Disadvantaged rural families

People in situations of vulnerability and extreme poverty

Local communities in areas affected by water shortages or located in isolated areas

The Bank's Goals

Reduce waterborne diseases within communities in the DRC and the associated mortality rate

Improve access to potable water in areas most affected by water shortages and secluded areas

Implement environmentally friendly practices, including the preservation of water sources and reduction of pollution

Support research and innovation in the field of water purification, water supply technologies, and sanitation

Our commitment to health


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