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Rawbank aims to be a leading player in the movement towards a more sustainable economy. Faced with the climate crisis, we have a major role to play: redirecting financing towards projects that contribute to the decarbonization of our economy. We have therefore made commitments to contribute to a sustainable economy.

The Challenges

Strengthen the country's resilience and adaptability to climate hazards and disasters

The emergence of a set of activities, behaviors, and financial regulations pursuing an environmental objective

The Targets

The clients and stakeholders of the bank

The Bank's Goals

Apply a demanding policy for the assessment and management of social and environmental risks with clients and suppliers.

Undertake and support initiatives aimed at promoting greater environmental responsibility.

Implement a procurement policy that considers the challenges of biodiversity preservation.

Encourage and raise awareness internally towards responsible behaviors. Mitigate the effects of the bank’s activities to aim for carbon neutrality.

Our commitment to health


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