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Rawbank's free online banking : save time and simplify your life !

The advantages of online banking are numerous and essential for providing our customers with a complete and smooth banking experience. That's why, at Rawbank, we have developed the remote banking platform: Rawbank Online, the first of its kind in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Come and meet our advisors who are ready to listen to you ! Additionally, our call center is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

Rawbank Online offers advantages to simplify your life


The optimal online management of Rawbank Online saves you time and simplifies your financial management. You can carry out regular banking transactions such as transfers, bill payments, and online account consultations, without the need to physically visit a branch. Everything is available at your fingertips, wherever you are, at any time.

Ease of use

The great flexibility of Rawbank Online is another significant advantage for our customers. You can access your bank account from any internet-connected device, whether it be a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Moreover, the platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, with smooth navigation and clear instructions to help you carry out all your banking operations safely and simply.

Simplified management and autonomy

The simplified management and autonomy provided by Rawbank Online enable our clients to manage their money more independently and efficiently. You can conduct online banking transactions at any time, without having to wait for the branch to open or stand in queues. This allows you to manage your time more effectively, enabling you to focus on the most important tasks in your professional or personal life.

Free of charge

Online banking is now fully integrated into Rawbank's offerings, providing all customers with free access to Rawbank Online. All packages include this remote banking solution, allowing the widest audience to benefit from its advantages for free !

At Rawbank, we are convinced that online banking is the future of banking, and we are proud to offer our customers the best tools to manage their finances securely and simply. All our packages include Rawbank Online to allow as many people as possible to enjoy its benefits, with no additional costs. 

Don't hesitate any longer, register for Rawbank Online today and enjoy all its benefits.

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Introduction to free services of Rawbank in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Are you looking for a bank that offers free online banking services in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ? Rawbank, based in Kinshasa, is the ideal solution for you. Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools and resources they need to take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals.

Rawbank's online banking platform for the DRC

Notre plateforme de banque en ligne gratuite, spécialement conçue pour les besoins des clients en RDC et accessible 24h/24 et 7j/7, est facile à utiliser et sécurisée. Elle offre une gamme complète de services tels que le paiement de factures en ligne, la banque mobile et les relevés électroniques, pour vous permettre de gérer votre argent selon vos propres conditions.

Rawbank's tailored products and services 

Our free online banking platform, specially designed for the needs of clients in the DRC and accessible 24/7, is easy to use and secure. It offers a complete range of services such as online bill payment, mobile banking, and electronic statements, allowing you to manage your money on your own terms.

At Rawbank, we believe that everyone in the Democratic Republic of the Congo should have access to free online banking services. That's why we offer a variety of products and services designed to help our customers save time and money. Whether you're looking to open a checking account, apply for a loan, or invest your money, our platform has everything you need.

To make it easier for you to choose the banking solution that's best for you in the DRC, we suggest you do the comparison yourself. Compare our offers with those of other local banks and find the best option for your needs. We'll show you the features and benefits of our online banking services, so you can make an informed decision about your finances.

Comparison of online banking services 

To facilitate choosing the banking solution that best suits you in the DRC, we propose that you make the comparison yourself. Compare our offers with those of other local banks and find the best option for your needs. We present the different features and advantages of our online banking services so that you can make an informed decision regarding your finances.

Commitment to free and accessible services

Rawbank stands out by offering free and accessible online banking services to everyone in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our commitment to the free provision of online services is a fundamental pillar of our mission to support and assist our clients in overcoming their financial challenges

Security and customer support in the DRC

The security of your information and transactions is a priority for Rawbank in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That's why we have implemented robust security measures to protect your data and online transactions. Our support team, based in Kinshasa and available to all clients across the country, is also there to answer your questions and resolve any issues, ensuring a smooth and stress-free online banking experience.

By offering free and accessible online banking services specifically for clients in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rawbank supports local communities throughout the country and ensures that every individual, family, and business has the opportunity to efficiently manage their finances and thrive in the Congolese economy. Try our online banking services today and discover why our customers love working with us. With Rawbank, you benefit from a bank that understands your specific needs and is determined to offer you quality service to help you prosper in your local environment, whether it's Kinshasa or any other region of the DRC.