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RAWBANK Celebrates International Indigenous Day (IID) 2020

Rawbank ahead of IDIP 2020 


On August 9, the International Day of the World's Indigenous People (IDIP), was celebrated at the Botanical Gardens of Kinshasa under the theme ‘Covid-19 and the Resilience of Indigenous Peoples’. For this 26th international day, as a partner of education in the DRC, RAWBANK has committed to offer indigenous children an important batch of educational tablets, named SchoolAp Molakisi Tab, with a content certified by the Ministry of Primary, Secondary, and Professional Education.


In view of the theme, these populations, which inhabit 21 of the 26 provinces in the country, are indispensable partners in the fight against the pandemic through their detailed knowledge of the ecosystem and their knowledge of relieving flu symptoms by traditional means.

Many figures were present, including the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, Security ,and Customary Affairs, and personal representative of the Head of State, who highlighted the problem that the indigenous people are constantly suffering; namely, discrimination, violence, deprivation of customary rights and property, and exclusion from the management of public affairs.

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In his words, "In addition to this, they suffer from a lack of favorable economic opportunities. Abject poverty, dispossession, and expulsion from ancestral lands, as well as a lack of laws and public policies that accommodate their way of life, traditional practices, land rights and endogenous knowledge are all social problems that we face."

RAWBANKas a supporter of education in the DRC, took advantage of this 26th international day to involve SchoolAp and make education more accessible for these populations. SchoolAp is a Congolese startup that has evolved in the Congolese educational sector with the aim of improving the quality of education via the internet and digital access.


As Christopher MAFINGA, assistant to the General Manager of Business Strategy/Schoolap, pointed out, "In each tablet you have lessons, specific topics, and exercises. The most important thing is that you can access them offline if you don't have an internet connection."

In addition, this event aims to kill two birds with one stone by challenging the authorities to put in place a national program for the development of indigenous peoples. On the eve of this event, M. Mustafa RAWJI,

General Manager of RAWBANK, held a fruitful exchange with the representatives of indigenous peoples. To end this visit in style, generous RAWBANK donations were given to them, while promising to support for sustainable and inclusive development.

RAWBANK has been committed, since its creation, to the improvement of the social situation of the Congolese people. As part of this gesture, the bank has opted for the protection and valorization of indigenous peoples in order to contribute to the development of a great and strong Congo.