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A business lunch on the enforcement of the law on subcontracting in the DRC

On the morning of 30 March 2019, a business lunch organized by the Breakfast Connexion and sponsored by Rawbank, aimed to inform business delegates about the enforcement of the law on subcontracting in the DRC. By lending its name to this meeting, Rawbank also showed its commitment to promoting professional networking.

The law on subcontracting in the DRC has been a controversial topic to date. Promulgated in 2017, its content is still not unanimously accepted by key actors in employment. 

Rawbank supported the meeting initiated by the Congolese business network, Breakfast Connexion, to contribute to their mission to debate the said law and increasing its general awareness. Today, this law reserves the activity of subcontracting to those companies with Congolese capital promoted by Congolese citizens and whose headquarters are located on Congolese national territory.

This prohibition of other actors’ involvement hurts economic operators who show a willingness to participate in discussions to improve the conditions and requirements of the market. 

“As economic operators and a business network, we considered it important to bring together the key actors of employment in the DRC to discuss reforms to the law that we could propose and thus, to clarify what remains misunderstood by concerned actors. We thank Rawbank for having understood the high stakes of this subject and for having contributed to the realization of this project, once again” underlined Albert Ntoni, CEO of Breakfast Connexion.

For Rawbank, the discussions of the law on subcontracting constitute a relevant subject for reflection in view of the much sought-after development of the employment sector in the DRC.

Thus, its participation as a sponsor of the event is in line with its policy of supporting initiatives that contribute to the economic development of the country.  

What is most important to us is to succeed with you.