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RAWBANK supports the campaign initiated by Allô Services on the respect of the natural environment of historical monuments.

Within the framework of its initiative “Clean city with Rawbank”, the top banking institution in the DRC, supported Allô Services for its third media release dedicated to the respect of the natural environment of historical monuments and sanitation in the city of Kinshasa.

This initiative demonstrates the Bank’s commitment to promote local actions for the well-being of the Congolese population.

Rawbank, official partner of Allô Services, lent its name to this outing which marks the third major activity organized by this structure since 2018. The action was welcomed by the representative of the Mayor of the Gombe commune, Bruno Baziota, who recognized the Bank’s commitment to the Congolese community. 

Allô Services opted for a day dedicated to the respect of the environment and monuments. Well-equipped for the occasion, represented by its initiator, Rita Masengo, as well as her team proceeded to the cleaning of the garden, where the statue called “The Weeper” is to be found, located in the neighbourhood of Gombe, not far from the Atrium, Rawbank’s headquarters. The work aimed at an in-depth cleaning of this garden, while reminding all those gathered that it is necessary to give more importance to our monuments and to a better environment to improve our living conditions. 

“As citizens of this great and beautiful country, we must enforce the law on historical monuments and instil values such as patriotism in our youth. Today’s activity, supported by Rawbank, is part of the great sanitation project initiated by the urban authorities. We thank the first banking institution for their confidence and support received since the beginning”, underlined Mrs. Rita Masengo, founder of Allô Services.

By accompanying this initiative, Rawbank invites the Congolese youth to convey a good image of the country by following the advice of Allô Services. This action is part of the Bank’s vision, that of thinking big for the DRC and shows continuity of its campaign “Clean city with Rawbank” initiated in 2018 in the commune of Kintambo.

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