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RAWBANK determined to boost the education sector in DRC

Within the framework of its social actions in favor of the Congolese population, RAWBANKa leading banking institution, has brought its support to young people on the eve of the start of the school and university year 2020-2021. The bank joined the Special Advisor to the Head of State, Mrs. Chantal Yelu Mulop and the ambassador of the Croix-RougeMrs. Liliane Temuni for a series of actions in favor of marginalized youth, in order to give them hope and means to better resume the academic curriculum. RAWBANK, through this gesture, reaffirms its commitment to Congolese youth through its financial and material support with the main objective of boosting the education sector in DRC.  


RAWBANK carried out a field visit with several objectives, the main ones being to provide anti-Covid-19 material support, to distribute an important batch of school supplies and a symbolic envelope to the youth and, finally, to encourage them to give the best of themselves, despite their social situation. For this high-impact action, the bank joined forces with Mrs. Chantal Yelu Mulop, Special Advisor to the Head of State in charge of youth and the fight against violence against women, and Mrs. Liliane Temuni, Ambassador of the Red Cross in the DRC.

First leg: a meeting with the Association of Congolese Students living with disabilities. The delegation was warmly received in the office of Mrs. Chantal Yelu, in the presence of the ambassador of the Red Cross, Mrs. Liliane Temuni and Rita MASENGO, Head of Institutional Communication of RAWBANK. At the heart of the discussion, young people living with disabilities spoke about the difficult realities they face every day, especially when it comes to academic support. "We are determined to continue our studies even when the financial means do not allow it. We don't let our physical condition determine our future and that is why we knock on every door hoping to receive support. We therefore say thank you to RAWBANK for answering our call for help for this academic year 2020-2021”, said the spokesperson of the association.


Indeed, the bank gave to the representative of the association a symbolic envelope intended to contribute to the payment of the academic expenses to allow some members to resume school. In addition to this envelope, a lot of masks and hydroalcoholic gels to avoid the propagation of the Covid-19 were distributed and it is on a note of gratitude that this first leg was closed.

After this emotional moment with the students, the delegation consisting of representatives of RAWBANK, the Special Advisor to the Head of State and the Red Cross Ambassador went to the Village Bondeko Libanga, a rehabilitation center in the commune of Kinshasa whose mission is to provide education and training for mentally, hearing, and visually impaired children.

Rawbank education 3For this center, RAWBANK also brought an important batch of school supplies and anti-covid19 kits as well as a symbolic envelope for the preparations of the beginning of the school year 2020-2021. "We were together last year at the Christmas celebration and here we are today again thanks to RAWBANK; this is to say that we do not abandon you and that it is a perfect opportunity to express our gratitude to RAWBANK for the support it keeps on giving to marginalized youths" said Mrs. Chantal Yelu Mulop, Advisor to the Head of State, during her speech on the occasion.

Third leg from one center to another, always accompanied by its partners, RAWBANK opted this time for the young street girls rescued by the shelter Vivre et Travailler Autrement. These girls benefit from a total care thanks to the association, which has been operating since 1997. They were proud to demonstrate their skills through dancing and singing, making the atmosphere festive and warm.

RAWBANK, which also made the same gesture in favor of the children of the VTA association, met with the full satisfaction and recognition of the director of the center who expressed herself in these terms: "Thank you to the first commercial bank of the DRC for its support and the promptness with which it responded to the call of our structure."

The last leg of the day, the bank prioritized the health of the young by going to the pediatric hospital of Kalembe-Lembe. RAWBANK went to the rescue of a young girl who suffers from an anorectal malformation, a congenital anomaly that causes the absence of the anus in the human body. In addition to paying medical expenses, RAWBANK proceeded to the handing-over of medical coats and anti-Covid-19 kits to medical staff of this center to encourage them in their job.

In this spirit of generosity, RAWBANK, the people's bank, continues to mark and affirm its leadership in the banking sector in the DRC, as its high-impact charitable actions are carried out in all provinces of the country. Thus, in this post-covid19 pandemic period, the bank is actively pursuing the fight against the coronavirus through sensitization, awareness on barrier gestures and distribution of anti-Covid-19 kits.