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Rawbank supports the Bankers’ Club in promoting compliance responsibilities

With the global financial crisis of 2008 and various economic scandals, a significant increase in regulation has occurred, leading to greater compliance responsibilities within banking and financial institutions.Familiar with the broad scope of compliance in varied domains due to the many missions the Bankers’ Club supports, the organization held a breakfast meeting covering “recent developments of compliance in the banking and insurance sectors in the DRC”.This was a good opportunity for Rawbank, the founder of the Bankers’ Club, to go over the major changes that compliance has undergone.The conference was marked by various interventions from professionals in the banking and insurance sectors, who explained, in turn, the significant progress of compliance from several angles.As a major regulator, the Central Bank outlined its role in promoting a culture of compliance in the DRC and explored the challenges encountered in the international sphere.Sponsor of this event, Rawbank intervened during these fruitful exchanges focused on recent developments in compliance in the banking and insurance sectors where its Compliance Director, Isaac Kalala, through a video conference, described the members and particularities of the board of directorsThe sharing of experience between these banking and insurance experts was beneficial for all the participants. For the president of this network, this theme has been demystified in every sense. A success story resulting from a winning partnership among institutions, including Rawbank—currently celebrating its 20th anniversary.The faithful partnership with this club aligns with Rawbank’s mission, which has been campaigning for 20 years for effective financial inclusion in the DRC.