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RAWBANK is committed to the climate

Rawbank, the top banking institution in the DRC, is involved in the achievement of the country’s Sustainable Development Goals and is committed to the fight against climate change. Rawbank actively participated in the pilot nursery of the 1 Billion Trees for the Climate 2023 initiative. The Rawbank delegation led by its Director General, Thierry Taeymans, sowed seeds in a nursery prepared for this purpose. For Taeymans, “Rawbank is committed to the sustainable development of the DRC.”

The Bank is ready to support this large-scale initiative for the well-being of the Congolese people in general. The Bank has sent a strong signal in relation to climate issues in the DRC and in the world with its work on this issue. “Rawbank was keen to support this initiative to encourage its agents to become aware of the personal involvement needed for the improvement of the climate. We encourage other companies to follow suit,” shared Mamie Lukusa, CSR coordinator of Rawbank. By actively committing itself to the climate, Rawbank affirms its leadership in improving the living conditions of the Congolese people.

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