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RAWBANK, sponsor officiel de la 17ème édition du Jumping International 2019

Since 2004, RAWBANK has been the official sponsor of the Jumping International, which has become the most important event of the equestrian world in Kinshasa. For this year, RAWBANK has reiterated its commitment to the organization of a 17th edition rich in events, to the satisfaction of all participants.

Organized on November 22, 23 and 24, the Jumping International, CSI 2019, was held at the Cercle Hippique de Kinshasa. With a participation of more than 12,000 spectators this year, the not-to-be-missed event of the equestrian world has, once again, distinguished itself by the quality of the events and the increasing number of companies that associate their brand image to the event.

During the 3 days, there were a total of 16 events including the Grand Prix RAWBANK. This year, the organization has registered six nations including Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Belgium, Senegal, and DR Congo.

For this edition of the great competition sponsored by RAWBANK, there were eight registered riders, eight competitors, no withdrawals observed and one eliminated.

"I address my most sincere thanks to all our partners and to all those who contribute in any way to the success of this quality equestrian event! In particular Rawbank, partner since 2004, Nile Dutch & Comexas Africa, Vodacom, Orion Oil, Bracongo, MGT, Rawsur, and many others for their support throughout the year and during this CSI", said Thierry Taeymans, President of CHK.

The RAWBANK grand prize, carried out in two stages together with a play-off officiated on Sunday November 24, 2019, was won by the Belgian Dominique Joassin. The races also saw the participation of young riders still in training but very appreciated by Laetitia Moriamé, instructor at the Cercle Hippique de Kinshasa, who said: "In learning, there is always something to be corrected but in view of the results of the three days. They are to be congratulated.”

This 17th edition was marked by moments of conviviality, equestrian emotions, and exceptional showmanship with the participation of the best national and international riders.

« "We'll see you next year" declared Thierry Taeymans in his closing speech.