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Rawbank and the RAWJI Foundation rehabilitate the Masanjoli school complex

In the framework of its work for the development of Congolese youth, Rawbank has collaborated with the Rawji Foundation to finance the rehabilitation of the Masanjoli school complex in Kinshasa and has paid school fees for students from families in difficulty. This gesture is in the continuity of the values of the Bank and the Foundation that are active in supporting projects related to education in the DRC.

On Saturday, 11 May 2019 the inauguration ceremony of the school building of the Masanjoli institution in Kinshasa was held. In the presence of various guests, Rawbank representatives reiterated the Bank’s support for the advancement of projects and initiatives aimed at promoting education in the DRC.

To this end, in collaboration with the Rawji Foundation, the Bank and the Foundation have financed the repainting of all rooms and the exterior of the building. This joint action comes in response to the support requested by the Masanjoli Foundation, an NGO working in education, to improve the conditions in which students have their daily lessons. 

“We thank Rawbank for this support which concretizes its primary mission, contributing to the development of the DRC. We also thank the Rawji Foundation which joined the bank to make possible the repair of our building” underlined Mrs. Konde, president of the Masanjoli Foundation.

This day was an opportunity for the bank to present to parents and guests its brand-new product called “Smiley”, intended for children from 0 to 10 years of age. This savings account has many advantages, including:

   - No account maintenance fees, 

   - 10 USD offered at the opening of the account, and

   - a 5% interest rate.

At Masanjoli, the delegation also discovered a room called “The Congo History Gallery” which highlights the history of the DRC, through sculpted busts of those who have contributed to the development of the country.

Rawbank and the Rawji Foundation work to train Congolese youth to ensure a future quality leadership for the country. This action is fully in line with the CSR policy that the bank integrates in the heart of its activities in favour of the Congolese population.

RAWBANK, education partner in the DRC.