The bank

RAWBANK, Schoolap's partner for the digitalization of education in the DRC

RAWBANKa banking institution in the DRC, is proud to be a partner of Schoolapfrom its first steps as a startup to the launch of its vast campaign to digitize education throughout the DRC. It is in this context that the bank participated in the launching ceremony of the Urban School WIFI project, which aims to provide schools with an efficient digital infrastructure that will allow them to have permanent access to the internet in order to promote the digitalization of education. This action is part of the bank's involvement in the promotion and support of local initiatives and innovations.

RAWBANK, official sponsor of Schoolap, participated in the launching ceremony of the Urban School WIFI campaign, which was held on Saturday, June 13, 2020, in Kinshasa. With as special guests the governor of the city, H.E. Gentiny Ngobila and representatives of the Ministries of Education and Industry, it was an opportunity for Schoolap to present this project to the state authorities and to thank its various partners, including RAWBANK.

"To make the Congolese Digital Economy a lever for integration, good governance, economic growth and social progress" is the vision of the Head of State which is materialized today by the Governor of the city of Kinshasa through the launch of the first urban school wi-fi to connect 50 schools. This initiative of the City Hall, supported by Schoolap, marks the beginning of a new digital era in the education sector in DRC.

"We are honored to launch this project initiated by the governorate of the city of Kinshasa. With RAWBANK as our official partner, we have already ordered Schoolap digital tablets that will act as logistical support for this national project. We encourage school leaders at the national level to take ownership of this initiative, which is in line with the vision of the Head of State," said Pascal Kanik, co-founder and CEO of Schoolap.  procédé à la commande des tablettes numériques Schoolap qui serviront d’appui logistique à ce projet d’envergure nationale. Nous incitons les responsables des écoles au niveau national à s’approprier de cette initiative qui s’inscrit dans la vision du Chef de l’Etat » a souligné Pascal Kanik, co-fondateur et Directeur Général de Schoolap.

Thus, RAWBANK, a community bank, is committed to supporting Schoolap, a Congolese technology company, in the digital transformation of the educational system and to foster the emergence of talented Congolese innovators in all promising sectors.