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RAWBANK celebrates Nelson Mandela Day alongside Vision Congo for a visit to a seniors’ home in Kalembelembe

On Nelson Mandela Day 2022, celebrated worldwide on 18 July, Rawbank supported Vision Congo for a visit to a seniors’ home in Kalembelembe in the commune of Lingwala, Kinshasa. The executives of this entity were present along with the manager and staff of the centre as well as the Minister of Culture who welcomed the initiative of the Vision Congo organization.

As sponsor of the visit, Rawbank included a delegation composed of the internal communication manager, Sabrina Kibeti Atek and the manager of the UPC branch, Belinda Kanku, who symbolically handed over bags of masks, polo shirts, disinfectants and other items to the elderly people who reside here. They expressed their gratitude.


In turn, the president of this association, Malicka Mukubu, called upon the Congolese population to show concern for these elderly people.

The ambassadors’ day also included a show of their significant support for the African Women’s Financial Association, in the hopes of strengthening its activities on women’s empowerment.

And, finally, the ambassadors travelled to the Kenyan Embassy, the chosen venue where all the member states of the African Union celebrated African food and music in all of their variety in commemoration of Africa Day.