The bank

RAWBANK assists the displaced of Yumbi in Kinshasa.

Inter-community violence in Yumbi has caused several deaths and injuries leading displaced people to arrive in the City-Province of Kinshasa. Rawbank, the first banking institution in the DRC, has assisted families in precarious situations by providing them with sanitary products, food and an envelope symbolizing their support. This action is part of the social activities financed entirely by the Bank in favour of the Congolese population.

In Kinshasa, several hundred people from Yumbi are living in precarious conditions. These men and women, often accompanied by their children, were the victims of the massacre that took place last December in Yumbi, one of the territories of the Mai-Ndombe province.

Rawbank, always close to the Congolese population, has both financed the Banunu Bobangi / Yumbi Association, and also given basic necessities and enough finances to allow them to respond to emergencies directly to the beneficiaries.

“We thank Rawbank for having found us here, within the Anglican Church of Congo, for the delivery of this important supply of products that respond to the urgency of our current situation. Indeed, since December 2018, several families have lost everything and are now living in Kinshasa in deplorable conditions.”

“We thank Rawbank for this gesture that shows its commitment to vulnerable populations, which we represent at this time,” expressed Mr. Fidele Ngomba, President of the Association Banunu Bobangi / Yumbi.

The donations took place in a friendly atmosphere, giving the victims a smile and hope. For Rawbank, this was yet another occasion to help the underprivileged and displaced people of the massacres as part of its social actions and accompaniment of people in crisis situations and precarity throughout the DRC. Other actions in favour of the poor have been carried out in the cities of Mbandaka, Bunia, Tshela and Likasi.