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Christmas with Rawbank

Through its "Christmas with Rawbank" campaign, the bank intervened at the Bandalungwa emergency reception center to celebrate Christmas with street children housed in these facilities. Rawbank organized a visit by Santa Claus to the facility housing these children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The children who participated in this moment of exchange expressed their emotion and joy.  

This action is part of the April 2020 partnership ofUNICEF and under the high patronage of the Ministry of Social Affairs with the aim of reconciling the child and his respective family.  

This emergency reception center, rehabilitated by Rawbank, was created to rescue children from the coronavirus pandemic. Following the health crisis, the urban streets of Kinshasa were not a safe environment for children.


Noel Rwb 2


Ensuring the safety of children through protection and social inclusion is vital to the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Démocratique du Congo.


As part of the response to the disease, Rawbank has provided masks, soap, hand washers, chairs, tables, and other materials needed to make these children comfortable. The supervisor of the center shared her gratitude and thanks to the bank. Rawbank is active on a daily basis to help the most needy populations.