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Rawbank, sponsor of the Chamber of Mines for the promotion of women leaders in the mining sector

The meeting organised by the Federation of Companies of Congo an event to encourage the participation of women in the mining sector allowed the coordinator of the Chamber of Mines, Bernadette Mpundu, to present an overview of the mining sector and the place of women within it with a circular economy approach.The chosen setting was the amphitheatre of the Fleuve Congo Hotel where this day of information exchange took place.The eight officials also shared a nostalgic atmosphere with the hymn of Ave Maria, as the eight members present paid their respects after the death of one of their own.Before an attentive audience, these members, in turn, underlined the quintessence of the insertion of women in this sector and the positive perspectives for sustainable development in the DRC.For Rawbank, women also have their place in the mining sector, which remains one of the levers driving the Congolese national economy.As a leading bank in the Democratic Republic of Congo for 20 years, Rawbank, through its Lady’s First programme, encourages female entrepreneurship and amplifies its positive impact on the Congolese economy.