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Back to school with Rawbank 2021-2022 ...

The "Back to school with Rawbank" campaign is a social initiative of the bank which aims to provide children in precarious situations with the assistance they need to get them back to school. This involves the distribution of school kits and a symbolic envelope, in order to help underprivileged children.

For the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Rawbank distinguished itself through social actions that have left an indelible mark on Kongo Central. School Kits and symbolic envelopes were distributed to three orphanages in Matadi, capital of Kongo Central province.

it is between the orphanage Maman LUFUMA, the orphanage save abandoned children and the five-star orphanage in Boko I.

Satisfied with these gestures, these beneficiary children and their managers did not fail to thank the bank for this commendable initiative.

Rawbank, as a banking institution in the DRC, is committed to meeting the educational needs of the most vulnerable Congolese and thus reinforces its commitment through this campaign.

As part of the continuity of its back-to-school campaign with Rawbank edition 2021-2022, the bank provided support to young girl mothers of the Center d'Encadrement pour l'Autonomisation et la Réinsertion Sociale des Filles Mères, by offering them kits. schoolchildren, loincloths, t-shirts and a symbolic envelope for the payment of school fees for their children.

CAERSEM, Center d'Encadrement pour l'Autonomisation et la Réinsertion Sociale des Filles Mothers works for the promotion of the girl mother in order to facilitate her empowerment through various training courses such as tailoring, aesthetics, literacy, hospitality and IT.

This gesture of encouragement by Rawbank, in the presence of the mayor of Kintambo commune, who welcomed the initiative and thanked the bank, because beyond financial transactions, Rawbank gives back smiles and hope to future generations.


RAWBANK, education partner in the DRC.