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Afrobasket Kigali 2021: Rawbank supports the Leopards!

Afrobasket Kigali 2021 starts on Tuesday, August 24 and ends on Sunday, September 5. The Leopards basketball team of the DRC, already on site in Rwanda, benefits from both the material and financial support of Rawbank, which is a privileged partner. As a bank that accompanies Congo and the Congolese, Rawbank remains committed to the world of sports to promote new talent in several disciplines.

For the event in Rwanda, all necessary arrangements have already been made to allow the Leopards basketball team of the DRC to prepare as well as possible. The bank wants to provide better visibility to Congolese athletes through various channels. The objective is to maximize the chances of the Leopards to go as far as possible in this competition.

The FEBACO (Fédération de Basketball du Congo) officially contacted Rawbank to launch the Rawbank-Leopards basketball team of the DRC partnership, which has been confirmed over time. Rawbank has therefore made available to the Leopards, material and financial resources to build a solid project in the long term and promote the values of this sport.

Democratic Republic of the Congo, especially in the field of sports and more specifically in basketball. Rawbank aims to help the Leopards have greater notoriety through our channels and our advertising media.

Rawbank is always at the side of the Congolese people and supports initiatives aimed at promoting new talent in the field of sports in the DRC. By focusing on basketball, the bank is supporting not only the Leopards, but also the New Generation team that plays in the local championship. Rawbank also supported the Salamatou 3x3 Basketball tournament organised last July.

The main coach of Leopards, the Norwegian, Mathias Eckhoff, has already published the list of 12 Leopards selected. They are Jordan Djonourou, Rolly Fula, Garmine Kande, Erick Kibi, Chadrack Lufile, Arsène Mbav, Rodrigue Munsi, Patrick Mwamba, Joël Ntambwe, Henri Pwono,Haboubacar Sakho and Maxi Shamba.