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Rawbank wins Bank of the Year award for best bank in Democratic Republic of Congo

Dans une course extrêmement disputée, la plus grande banque de la République démocratique du Congo, Rawbank, a été nommé Banque de l’année du pays. En plus d’afficher une forte reprise financière après avoir plongé dans une perte en 2020, les juges a félicité la banque pour une série de mises à niveau numériques clés et de lancements de produits au cours de la période considérée. 


A particular milestone has been the upgrade of the bank’s illicocash app, first launched in 2017. In 2021, the bank launched Illicocash 2.0, enabling a greater range of payment options — including bank to wallet, wallet to bank, and the ability to link a bank account to the Illicocash wallet — together with international transfers and budget management. The bank has also continued to upgrade its customer relationship management systems, which have become increasingly cloud-based.

 “Digitisation is the new frontier for the banking sector and the only direction is innovation to bring the customer experience to the next level,” says Mustafa Rawji, Rawbank’s CEO. “Our commitment to innovation is to enhance our digital wallet Illicocash with new features that enlarge the digital ecosystem of our customers.”

May 2021 saw Rawbank awarded custodian bank status, enabling it to open a securities trading room facility.

Following approval from the country’s Insurance Regulatory and Control Authority in November 2021, the bank has also begun offering bancassurance products across its network, hoping to make significant strides in a country where the penetration of insurance services is less than 1%.

After posting a CnFr91.7bn ($45m) loss in 2020, the bank returned to profit in 2021, with a return on equity of 15.7%, well in excess of its pre-pandemic level of 3.3%. Tier 1 capital and assets increased by 22.7% and 47%, respectively, with non-performing loans dropping to 0.65% at year-end 2021.

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source : TheBanker