The bank

Rawbank aligns itself with the United Nations Global Compact agreement

As the Democratic Republic of Congo’s leading bank, Rawbank since its creation has had a clear vision of its mission: serving the Congolese people by building a better, sustainable future. This vision is built on three strategic priorities: human capital, operating efficiency and sustainable development.

For the last 13 years, Rawbank has sought to give back to society through supporting projects with high social and environmental impact each year. This has meant putting in place six priority sustainable development goals which are the bank’s motors for positive transformation. These are poverty, health, education, access to water, gender equality and the struggle against climatic change.

Since November 2021, Rawbank has developed a project for the supply of drinking water for rural populations suffering from water shortage or absence. In the DRC, access to drinking water is estimated at 52% by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), meaning that more than 45 million people don’t have direct access. 

In just two years, 40 wells have been drilled in 25 cities, which reduces the risk of water-borne illness for local populations. Each well is a source of hope for the local population, giving locals essential access to water, improving their health and supporting the development of their communities.

The bank aims to make 100 wells available by 2025, built with the help of local entrepreneurs and technicians.

Rawbank is supported in the project by the Conférence épiscopale nationale du Congo (CENCO) in the choice of the villages, towns and cities with the most acute drinking water needs. The Institut national de recherche biomédicale (INRB) is verifying the water quality at the different installations.

By investing in projects such as the construction of drinking water wells, Rawbank is contributing to the achievement of the United Nations sustainable development goals, in particular goal number six which aims to guarantee access to water and sanitation for all. In supporting this global vision, Rawbank is playing its part as a responsible corporate citizen and contributing to a sustainable future for the DRC.