The bank

RAWBANK, sponsor de la 2ème édition du forum Bank and Investment

RAWBANK, the first banking institution in DR Congo, accompanied the second edition of the Bank and Investment Forum, organized by the Breakfast Connexion network in Kinshasa. This time, the theme of electronic banking, which nowadays refers to the electronic processing necessary for the management of bank cards and related transactions, was at the heart of the discussions. For RAWBANKparticipating in this annual meeting is part of its vision to think big for Congo.

RAWBANK is proud to have accompanied the second edition of the Bank and Investment Forum, which was held on December 12, 2019 in the Congo conference room of the Pullman Hotel in Kinshasa. This high-level meeting benefited from the participation of financial institutions operating in DR Congo, as well as other companies involved in the digitalization of financial services.

Mr. Joseph Thierno Ly, Head of Electronic Banking, represented RAWBANK and gave a presentation on the electronic banking solutions introduced by the bank for its customers, especially for SMEs and corporate clients. Giving clear information on the advantages of this digital tool for merchants, he reassured that the bank is putting in place the necessary means so that the type of payment chosen meets the needs of its customers.

"This is an opportunity to greet the authors of this second edition of the Bank and Investment Forum, which is a space of exchange in that it will allow the actors of finance and other partners to improve the services in this sector through targeted offers, and to ease the stranglehold on the business climate in order to encourage as many investors as possible", said Mr. Edouard Makumbuila Ndualunsu, Deputy Director of the Ministry of PT-NTIC.

The support of RAWBANK for this forum, as well as other institutions involved in digitalization operating in DRC, was significant. The first banking institution in DR Congo also received two trophies during the ceremony: one symbolizing its involvement in the social life of the Congolese people and its proximity to them, and another as a sign of recognition for its loyal services in the environmental sector.

Launched in 2018 by the Breakfast Connexion network, the Bank and Investment Forum aims to become a reference tool for information and economic exploration that enhances the dialogue between finance professionals and banks in DR Congo.