The bank

RAWBANK undertakes a series of actions as part of its social policy and sponsorship

RAWBANK, a commercial bank close to the Congolese population, socially committed since its creation through various actions in multiple sectors such as education, health, culture, entrepreneurship, etc. It has recently proceeded to the rehabilitation of two buildings of public utility in favor of the local populations of the cities of Mbuji-Mayi and Beni. These are the General Hospital of Kansele and the Bilingual Christian University of Congo (UCBC). This gesture reaffirms the bank's commitment to vulnerable people but also testifies to its values and social responsibility (CSR). 


It also provides significant support to local initiatives and to the rehabilitation of public utility buildings. In this context, it has financed the rehabilitation of the Kansele General Hospital in the city of Mbuji-Mayi and the building of the Bilingual Christian University of Congo (UCBC) in the city of Beni.

Indeed, the General Hospital of Kansele is a state hospital, entrusted to the Catholic Church and which generally receives patients in precarious situations. It provides basic services such as gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, and internal medicine. RAWBANK's financial support has improved the hospitalization facilities to contribute the living conditions of the patients and save more lives.

As for the Bilingual Christian University of Congo (UCBC), it involves the construction of offices housing the general academic and administrative secretariats in order to provide an ideal setting for the work and training of Congolese youth.

In addition, the RAWJI Foundation, which works alongside RAWBANK to ensure competent future leadership of the country on behalf of the youth, will grant scholarships to the best students of UCBC.

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"This action has allowed us to understand how change is always possible given how a warehouse is transformed into a beautiful place that will serve as a good framework in the pursuit of CI-UCBC's vision of transformation. With your support, human lives will be changed for the benefit of the republic and humanity", said University President Honoré B. Kwany, PhD.

This is how, year after year, the bank joins forces with hundreds of local initiatives and associations to find solutions to the many challenges facing Congolese society.


Let's build together a great and strong Congo..