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Rawbank holds the second edition of the Ladies’ Brunch in Kinshasa

A leading annual event for Congolese woman entrepreneurs, the Rawbank Lady’s First group held the second edition of their Ladies’ Brunch in Kinshasa. 

This event concluded women’s month and symbolized the Bank’s commitment to the promotion of women.

Organized in the Rawbank “La Couronne” branch, this edition of the Ladies Brunch welcomed Congolese women entrepreneurs working in various sectors in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

In an impressive decor with an agenda highlighting several female participants, the various guests, women entrepreneurs and members of the Lady’s First programme participated in a presentation of trophies recognizing their distinction in the exercise of their activities.

“As long as there are projects led by women, Rawbank will be present for each one of them. As long as there are women entrepreneurs, Lady’s First will be by their side,” said Ms. Joëlle Kabayo, the Lady’s First programme manager. “This meeting is an annual event at which the bank highlights women of distinction for two reasons: First, to encourage them and second to demonstrate our determination to support them in the formalization of their businesses,” she added. 

In addition to the certificates given to the various beneficiaries, particular emphasis was placed on following up the training to strengthen their managerial capacities from which they had benefited throughout the year. “During my last training in the programme, I was able to equip myself with the necessary tools for the advancement of my business and I take this opportunity to encourage women to join this programme that is so beneficial and promotes entrepreneurship” said Chantal Adjovi, Lady’s First member.

Nadine Tshilombo, member of the Congolese diaspora, thanked the Bank for this commendable initiative, part of the calendar of annual activities of great scope in the DRC.

This was also an occasion for the presentation of a special prize to Sukaina Rawji, member of the Rawji Foundation, for her commitment to providing concrete solutions to the needs of Congolese women entrepreneurs. Sukaina RAWJI, membre de la fondation RAWJI, pour son engagement à apporter des solutions concrètes aux besoins des femmes entrepreneures congolaises. 

This award ceremony was followed by a cocktail, a visit to the different stands and a fashion show highlighting the African fabric, pagne.

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