The bank

RAWBANK, sensitizes the commune of Selembao in the fight against Covid-19

After a brief and constructive meeting with Mr. Augustin Mankesi Bikinda, Mayor of the municipality, RAWBANK proceeded to the delivery of masks and hydro-alcoholic gels to the inhabitants of this municipality in order to stop the Covid-19 pandemic that is paralyzing the whole world. 

Avant la remise de ces dons, Rawbank a insisté sur la sensibilisation et la conscientisait sur le respect strict des gestes barrières et des mesures d’hygiène.

"We are aware that not all families have the financial means to afford the purchase of masks as recommended by the WHO, so RAWBANK thought of the population of Selembao, because the pandemic is real and we must protect ourselves and others", said the representative of the bank during her speech. 

"This is a gesture that we welcome. We thank RAWBANK, a bank that is close to the Congolese population, for this act that reinforces the preventive measures in our municipality", said the Mayor of Selembao.

Shortly after this action, the bank went to the reference health center of Kitokimosi, also in the same commune, to help patients in financial insolvency. RAWBANK paid the bills of several young mothers who have now returned to their homes. 

"We are grateful, and we thank RAWBANK for this gesture of consideration and for allowing us to regain our freedom in this time of health crisis of Covid-19", said one young mother.

The commune of Selembao was created in 1968 by Mayor Konde, and today has more than 700,000 inhabitants spread over 18 different districts. RAWBANK, through this action, has once again made its mark in the fight against Covid-19 and has reaffirmed its commitment to the social well-being of the Congolese population.

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