The bank

Rawbank provides schooling for the children of the Congo Espoir orphanage

Nine children from the Congo Espoir (Congo Hope) orphanage will return to school with their bags containing donated school items. This endowment is the work of Rawbank which, through its institutional communication manager, Rita Masengo, has made its campaign, Back-to-School with Rawbank, a reality here, in the presence of the teachers of these young people who expressed their gratitude to the bank for this act full of hope.

At the end of the visit to the orphanage, the children set off down the road to school, the middle school “Collège Bon Cerveau”, where, in a jovial mood, they were swallowed up by a crowd of pupils before heading for their respective classrooms. Divine, aged 12, praised the concern shown towards them.

In light of the problems that hindered the start of the school year, notably the lack of financial means, the Director of this school, which was created in 2018, praised the contribution of Rawbank, which gives these children access to school.

Aware of the needs of this non-governmental organisation, created in 2016 by Nancy Kibibi, Rawbank handed over to the supervisors a sizeable donation to ensure the refurbishment of the orphanage that houses them, and has also provided the orphanage with school kits to prepare for the next school year.