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Rawbank presents its 2018 annual report

“The year 2018 showed excellent results and Rawbank is doing well,” noted Thierry Taeymans, Director General of the top banking institution in the DRC, during the presentation of its annual report on Tuesday, 18 June 2019, at the Atrium. For the customers, partners and employees of the Bank attending this ceremony, Rawbank once again affirmed its place as a leader in the Congolese banking market.

On the eight floor of the Atrium, Rawbank’s headquarters, the press conference of the 2018 annual report took place in the presence of Rawbank financial partners, customers and employees and was an opportunity for the Director General to present the key results from 2018.

“Rawbank showed strong growth at the end of 2018, with deposits reaching $1.15 billion, an increase of 27% compared to 2017. The total balance sheet amounted to $1.67 billion, an increase of 25%. The bank thus continues to mark steady growth in its activities in the DRC. These results testify to our ambition to think big for Congo, despite economic and political uncertainties,” said Taeymans in his speech.

Indeed, “Thinking big for Congo” is the great theme that characterized 2018 for Rawbank, marking its long-term vision as the number one bank with operations in the DRC since 2002. “The particularity of Rawbank is that it is a bank that has been able to anticipate the Congolese context, optimizing the deployment of its branches and developing the range of services offered to its customers, always with the same requirement of performance and rigor,” the Bank’s leader surmised.

For the Secretary General of the Congolese Association of Banks, Celestin Tshibwabwa, “Rawbank is a bank in constant expansion, a bank that continues to maintain solid and sustainable growth. With this 2018 annual report, we have every reason to continue to believe in the Bank and encourage it.”

l’encourager ».

The future of Rawbank is bright. The Bank’s ambition is to conquer new markets, cover all the provinces of the DRC, innovate with more attractive products adapted to the complexity of its customers’ lives and also to expand throughout Africa. The 2018 report shows that the Bank relies on one of its core values, the trust of its customers, as well as its dedicated and efficient staff, who have performed well to create this success.

Rawbank has been able, over the years, to meet international standards by proving itself day after day as a leader in the Congolese banking sector through cost controls, high solvency, strong profitability, all for the benefit of its customers and its social commitment for the welfare of the Congolese population.

Thinking big for Congo