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RAWBANK, partner of "Samedi de l'info" with Breakfast Connexion and Top Congo FM...

"The attitude of banks towards Covid-19", was the theme discussed last month during the seventh edition of Breakfast Connexion, live on Top Congo FM's program Samedi de l'info. Indeed, of Rawbank has been very active in the prevention and fight against Covid-19 in the DRC, by multiplying concrete actions in the field, both to support local structures, and to contribute on a national scale through the application of sanitary measures.  


As a partner of this edition of Breakfast Connexion,RAWBANK has doubled its efforts in its fight against the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, during its intervention, the bank insisted on the digitalization of its services, whether through its product illicocashwhich allows the customer to manage his accounts through a mobile application, or also through teleworking to allow its staff to work remotely.

Participants discussed the possibility of a quadripartite meeting. This meeting would include the government, economic operators, financiers, and citizens in order to consider the creation of a more powerful economy ready to face the next crises.

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The ability of banks to provide services during this health crisis was appreciated by the participants. As underlined by Mr. Al KITENGE, one of the speakers:

"It is clear that we have been lucky, beyond the difficulties with the unknown world. Our banking system is still standing, which means it has roles to play in the economy. Of course, the banks themselves were in distress and did their best to be able to withstand and continue to operate. I think it's a tip of the hat to them, but it also makes them realize that they have to prepare for the next shock."


In the same framework, Gancho KIPULU, spokesperson of RAWBANK, underlined the achievements of the bank, which show excellent results marking an accelerated growth and strong figures for 2019. RAWBANK has relied heavily on the development of its digital offering to facilitate access to its services and accelerate financial inclusion in the DRC. The 2019 financial year marked major internal digitalization work, as well as the launch of Optimus, a new digital tool for players in the mining sector.


The receptivity of RAWBANK and its promptness in relation to the subject of the day made an impression on the main coordinator, Mr. Albert NTONI, and the participants in general.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way the world is perceived. This is how RAWBANK, the community bank, carried out generous actions before, during and after the lockdown that followed the coronavirus outbreak, in the framework of its social activities and alongside local humanitarian actors.


Ensemble pour un Congo grand et fort.