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Rawbank holds a learning session on leasing in the DRC

Along with its financial partner, the IFC, the Rawbank held an event describing the many advantages of leasing. 

While not yet offered as a financial service in the DRC, the Bank targeted the Lady’s First group with 30 women entrepreneurs in attendance. The trainer, the lawyer Nizar Snoussi, is an international expert on leasing.

Organized at the Rawbank “La Couronne” branch in Kinshasa, this training for Congolese businesswomen occurred before the launch of the new financial service of leasing.

Developed to encourage entrepreneurship, Rawbank hopes to offer this financing formula to its clientele, illustrating the many advantages for the beneficiaries. Indeed, with the simplicity of implementing a lease, women entrepreneurs will be able to benefit with assistance in the purchase of materials for their business, for example, without having to use their own funds from the treasury.

“Before the launch of any innovative product for our customers, we first take precise surveys on their needs and then offer training. Today, the training was about leasing. We wanted to make customers aware of the advantages of leasing and anticipate their various concerns. The outcome has been totally positive, and the product just needs to be launched to meet this demand,” said Joelle Kabayo, Lady's First Programme Manager.

For Mr. Nizar Snoussi, “The DRC today has a market potential of $450 to $500 million per year. My duty as the trainer today was not only to explain the main advantages of leasing and its positive impact in the private sector but also to encourage the leadership shown by Rawbank in this pre-launch phase of this banking service,” he said.

In order to better develop the knowledge of women entrepreneurs, the training included a theoretical component and a simulation based on what is already done in similar contexts. “As in every training, we came out reassured that we have a bank at our side for the realization of our projects” said one of the participants.

Rawbank wants to boost the Congolese private sector to ensure better financial inclusion for the Congolese population. With a potential of nearly 250 million consumers and thanks to its geographical and strategic position in the region and sub-region, the DRC remains for Rawbank a vast market to be developed in the heart of Africa.

What is most important to us is to succeed with you.