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RAWBANK, the bank close to the Congolese diaspora

In May 2019, Rawbank supported four events in Paris related to innovation, digitalization, networking and entrepreneurship. The top banking institution in DRC lent its name to Afrobytes on 15 May, Viva Technology from 16 to 18 May, Congo Na Paris on 19 May and finally on 24 May, to a dinner on women’s entrepreneurship organized by Chamilya Signature. The Bank’s presence among the Congolese diaspora living in Paris contributes to the realization of its policy of proximity with all its customers.

Rawbank is proud to have lent its name to such events bringing together the Congolese diaspora around themes that give an important place to digital innovations and proximity with its customers both on Congolese soil and living abroad.

Annual meetings at the heart of digital innovation: Viva Technology

By accompanying Viva DRC, one of the multisectoral platforms of the DRC Presidency, Rawbank has shown, for the umpteenth time, its commitment to promote the Congolese ecosystem outside the DRC. Viva DRC brings together digital actors in the DRC and presents the innovations attributed to them through various Congolese exhibitions including Afrobytes, Viva Technology and Congo na Paris. This was an opportunity to highlight digital advances, including those presented by Kinshasa Digital and Ingenious City.

Rawbank’s support is justified by the need to partner with the State in its national development objectives, added to the Bank’s deep conviction that digital transformation can be a powerful development tool for the country, offering many possibilities and consequently just as many solutions in economic, demographic, mining and educational planning and forecasting.

For the Director General of Rawbank, Thierry Taeymans, “There is no doubt that digitalization will be a growth accelerator in the DRC and all of Africa.” With this impetus, the bank is increasing its portfolio and adding cutting-edge technologies such as the recently released application “illico Cash” that facilitates banking transactions directly on a Smartphone.

A bank aiming to support the Congolese diaspora

Rawbank is enthusiastic and proud of this partnership, which embodies the dynamism and immense potential of the Congolese market. During the evening of 24 May 2019, the bank lent its name to a dinner organized by Chamilya Signature about women’s entrepreneurship in the DRC.

For Rawbank, this event “brings us ever closer to our clients who live abroad, in order to share information with them and to present our product offering entirely dedicated to them,” emphasized Philippe Brylka, the Rawbank representative in Brussels.

During his speech, Brylka presented the Diaspora product of Rawbank, developed especially for the Congolese diaspora, allowing them to manage their accounts from abroad. “We will be in Kinshasa very soon and we encourage all women to subscribe to the Diaspora package. Since the beginning of our project, Rawbank has always supported us and provided us with the best banking services and products,” confirmed Nadine Tshilombo, Director General of Chamilya Signature.

For the Bank, having lent its name to these four events was a big step in the assuring the loyalty of its customers living abroad and a show of commitment to them. Rawbank, since 2002, has positioned itself as a bank that is close to its clients and includes more than 100 points of sale throughout the DRC.

Wherever you are, RAWBANK is your bank in DRC.

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