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The bank account


In everyday language, a bank account is opened in a bank to deposit secured funds to carry out financial transactions. A bank account centralizes all debit or credit transactions to manage the client’s budget, whether he is an individual, a company or a collective.

Any person of legal age is entitled to open a bank account. To do so, you must have a valid identity document and a fixed address.

To open an account with Rawbank, you need the following documents:

An original and valid identity document (voter's card, passport, stamped certificate of loss of an identity card or a driver's license)

Two colour passport photos.

If the person opening the account is a minor, it will also be necessary to have:

- A certificate and/or birth card for the minor

- A judgment appointing the guardian or a judgment of adoption

A bank account is often indispensable in daily life to receive funds and pay expenses or charges. Thanks to various tools such as direct debits or withdrawal limits, bank accounts also allow for optimized budget management.

Digital services also allow you to access, transfer or receive your funds from your smartphone.

And finally, bank accounts and financial services play an active role in the economic development of our country!

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