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Rawbank's explanation in the context of the hearing of Mr. Thierry Taeymans

Friday March 13, 2020 at 8:30 am

This Thursday, March 12, 2020, the General Manager of Rawbank, Mr. Thierry Taeymans, was heard by the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Appeal of Matete, in relation to investigations into the accounts of certain clients.

During this hearing, Mr. Taeymans was able to answer the questions of the magistrates and presented in all transparency the activities of Rawbank in this case.

As for each of the operations carried out by the bank, Rawbank stated that it had complied with all the regulations in force.

As a responsible actor, continuously committed to the good management of its activities, Rawbank remains at the full disposal of the country's judicial authorities.

Friday March 13, 2020, at 3:10 pm

This Friday, March 13, after having already been heard the day before in the context of a case investigated by the Congolese Justice, the General Manager of Rawbank, Thierry Taeymans, continued to answer the questions of the magistrates of the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Appeal of Matete by presenting the activities of Rawbank transparently.

At the end of this hearing, it was decided by the judicial authorities that Mr. Taeymans be transferred to the Makala facility.

Rawbank regrets this decision but wishes to reiterate that it will continue to collaborate with the Congolese courts, being convinced that the truth will eventually be uncovered.

Friday March 20, 2020, at 5:30 PM

Rawbank announces the temporary release of its General Manager, Mr. Thierry Taeymans, who has been questioned since Thursday 12 March by the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Court of Appeal of Matete, in the context of an investigation concerning a client of the bank.
Rawbank would like to thank the Congolese justice system for its work in the search for the truth and reaffirms that it will continue to collaborate, and remains willing to continue the procedure.
Furthermore, Rawbank deplores the misinformation that has circulated in certain media and calls for a sense of responsibility on the part of all, and invites everyone to scrupulously respect the confidentiality of the investigation.

Kinshasa, April 15, 2020

Rawbank wishes to point out to the public that its internal policy in terms of communication does not consist of reacting to allegations published by certain media and circulating on social networks.
Rawbank calls on the sense of responsibility of all and invites everyone to scrupulously respect the secrecy of an investigation currently being conducted by the Congolese justice system concerning some of its clients.

In this period of global uncertainty linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, our institution is deeply concerned about the impact at the national level, both economically and financially, as well as impacts on health and society. We therefore take this opportunity to remind our valued clients, who have always placed their trust in us, that we will continue to stand by them as always. Rawbank, which supports the government's response plan through awareness campaigns and donations, is calling for national solidarity to fight against the spread of the virus to protect the population.


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