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Message from the Director General on the occasion of International Women's Rights Day

Dear Congolese women, dear Rawbank clients,

Today the whole world celebrates the International Women's Rights Day, and this year this celebration has a special significance.

You played a critical role during the pandemic that hit the world early last year. It was you who kept our economies, our health and social systems, and our families going. It is you who, day after day, have balanced your professional and family lives. You are the ones who have shown courage, resilience and strength. Yet it is also you who have been disproportionately affected by the health and socioeconomic impacts of Covid-19. The pandemic has indeed exacerbated pre-existing disparities between men and women in health and economic status. Around the world, and especially in the DRC, you have faced new challenges.

We want to honor you throughout the month of March, because we know that this day of March 8 could not be enough to express our gratitude. So, in the coming weeks, we will carry out actions entirely dedicated to the women of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It is important to express our gratitude, but I know it is not enough. We must mobilize and give you the keys that will allow you to face the new difficulties you are confronted with. Since 2002, Rawbank has been at your side and has made every effort to support you. As you know, our Lady's First program is dedicated to women entrepreneurs, who are so important to the national economic fabric. Rawbank has also joined the UN's HeForShe program to engage men in gender issues. Through the Orange Day, which we celebrate every year, we also fight against violence against women. With these actions, we are trying to build a more equal society in which women will contribute massively to the growth and prosperity of the DRC.

We must continue these efforts. Rawbank will intensify its investments in favor of women and girls, I am committed to this. You are the engine of social and economic recovery. Within the bank, our goal is to build a great and strong Congo for the future generations of our country. We could not imagine achieving this without you. You are essential to the emergence of the DRC.

Mustafa Rawji,

General Manager of Rawbank